Let's go out and play!

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The photos just don't justify how adorable this set is! It's such a pretty colour mix, suitable for both boys and girls! 
I still remember when I was little, how I randomly just popped by my friend's home and rang the bell to ask to play outside. It was good old days, stress-free, full of colourful dreams and bubbly imaginations. 
I hope you will also recall those memories with this "Let's go out and play!" set. We will pack lots of laughters and happiness in the box you will receive, along with these cheerful little guys!

* Note: Double tiered clay cake is not included in this set. It's for visual example only!

* Rental is for weekends(Fri-Sun) only. Please choose the Friday you would like to get the boxes delivered.  

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Let's go out and play!
Hi there! Why don't we go out and play together?
Use photo clips we provide to put your adorable faces on the table!
Put some sweets or cookies to the glass jar. Colourful macaroons or candies will be perfect to brighten up the table!
"Peekaboo - I see you!"
Create cheerful background in 5 minutes with the garland and paper fans provided!