Cinderella's Loft

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When I first encountered this pink + baby blue combination of flowers, I immediately recalled Cinderella!

This is definitely a sweet and elegant design party, suitable for wedding reception table, bridal shower, or baby shower too. 

Just order a cake & some desserts to fill up a cake stand and 3-tier cupcake plates. As this set comes with 5 photo stand studs, feel free to print out photos to complete the look! 

* Note: The double tier clay cake in the photo is not included in this set. It's for the visual example only.

* Rental is for weekends(Fri-Sun) only. Please choose the Friday you would like to get the boxes delivered.

Cinderella's Loft
Sweet, elegant, and lovely. This table decor has every bit of it. Isn't it?
Candlestick and a jar with fairy lights add some romance 
I just love this bird cage with cascading white orchid...oh so sweet!
This set comes with 5 photo stand studs. Place your lovely photos to complete the design!